According to the Online Dictionary, a leader is a “person who guides or commands a group, organization, or country.” However, if you were to ask an individual on the street what being a leader means to him, he will most likely have a varying answer. Because the concept of leadership is so unique, almost everyone has a personal definition of his or her own. Moreover, not only does the definition of leadership vary per person, it also alters based off of the group or organization that which any individual is attempting to lead. Nevertheless, the constant aspect of leadership is that successful leaders are capable of completing objectives and motivating their peers along the way.


There are many different styles of leadership. For example, someone can be a commanding leader in which he demands total acquiescence or a visionary leader in which he organizes individuals towards an idea. An affiliative leader generates emotional relationships and congruence between individuals, while a democratic leader builds agreement through individual involvement. Moreover, a pacesetting leader anticipates superiority and self-motivation. Lastly, a coaching leader helps people grow for the future.


Although there are numerous styles of leadership, the concept of situational leadership is extremely important. Situational leadership has to do with combining various traits of each type of leader and implementing certain qualities when necessary. Therefore, a leader has to situationally decide when to use which trait from any of the aforementioned leadership styles.


Moreover, in a business or corporation, there are certain qualities that a successful business leader should demonstrate. For example, it is important for this leader to be cooperative, committed, creative, passionate, positive, and communicative. As said by entrepreneur Sammy Cohen, co-founder of a small business titled Neo Banditz, “To me, leadership is about playing to strengths and addressing weaknesses in the most productive and efficient way possible. It’s about knowing your team and yourself, and doing your best job to set both up for success.”MYK Applications fully agrees with Sammy Cohen’s views on being a leader in a workforce as it is incredibly important to work together as a team. Therefore, our team members attempt to always implement situational leadership. It is important to have this all-encompassing idea of leadership in order to increase productivity and efficiency in a workforce, which is what MYK Applications stands for.


Maximize Efficiency, Increase Productivity


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