Intelligence, Strategy & Productivity Expert

Managed more than 10,000 people while overseeing 150 projects in 37 different countries, both in business intelligence and education.

Lionel Benizri

More than 1000 projects

Ittai worked as a programmer and project manager for the Shabak (Israel Security Agency). He also developed speech processing services at JAJAH.  Ittai also works with Tel Aviv University on a Nanoparticles project.
Ittai Artzi
Software Architect

Tech Entrepreneur

Michael has 14 years experience in developing advanced User Experiences. He wrote more than 500,000 lines of code.


Methodology & Analytics

Michael has 25 years background in auditing and implementation of smart process. He worked in governmental, industrial and philanthropy sectors understanding real world structure, complexity and needs.

Michael Breisacher
Information Scientist


Laura as webdesigner, she has creativity eye and a well-knowledge about code HTLM, CSS


AI world expert

Shay is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and the co-author of Deep Junior, where he stands as the 7th time reigning world’s computer chess champion. He is teaching AI in the Computer Science departments at both Tel Aviv and Haifa Universities.

Shay Bushinsky


Nicolas is a developer expert in machine learning with a degree in Electricity and Mechanics. He has been awarded 3 times at the EU programming competition and Computer sciences Olympiad.

Lead Developer

Content manager

A communications major at the University of Michigan, Danielle has previously assisted with the research, development, and launch of the Student Membership program.

Community manager

“MYK is the most intuitive workspace for SMBs”

Ido Amir, Senior Partner at Deloitte

We are more than entrepreneurs. Here at MYK Applications, we are problem solvers. Did we do everything we can to reduce your daily stress? Did we help your company to operate in the most effective manner?
We achieve success when your company is working in the most efficient manner possible.
Methodologies, 95
Technology, 90
Innovation, 85
Productivity, 95
Happy Clients
Projects Done
People managed
Saved hours


When technology touches strategy

Project management tools are dead and their use is complicated and a waste of time. At MYK, our mission is to boost your company’s productivity and help people to exploit their full potential. How do we achieve that success? We adopt OUR technology to YOUR strategy.

An unexpected impact

Companies always declare that their mission is to change the world. At the beginning of the development and implementation of MYK Applications, we were simply willing to help companies. However, over time, our clients began to illustrate how much our workshops and tools helped their respective companies. We did not anticipate this success and in turn, found ourselves impacting the world of enterprises and entrepreneurs in a manner we never deemed possible. Join us at MYK Applications and let’s continue this journey together…

Humanization of technology

It can seem hard for companies to be able to adapt to new technological tools. Here at MYK Applications, our idea consists in providing our clients with workshops whereby our methods and technology will be interrelated. The necessary combination of human methods and technological tools will make your company Achieve More and Execute Better.

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